Democrats battle with Trump for voter enthusiasm

WASHINGTON – As the Democratic presidential candidates begin a dash to determine who will choose on President Donald Trump this tumble, party insiders are wrestling with another consequential uncertainty: no matter whether voters are now tuning out

Reduced-than-envisioned participation in the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses and huge audiences at Trump’s rallies that have eclipsed those people of his rivals – including a single on the eve of the New Hampshire primary – have undermined an early narrative that Democrats are so energized right after losing in 2016 that they are ready to show up in droves in 2020.

As the country parses the success of the New Hampshire primary Tuesday for signals of who may possibly arise from the crowded discipline to be the Democratic nominee, get together leaders will also scrutinize turnout figures to evaluate no matter whether they’re struggling with the very same enthusiasm headwinds that labored in opposition to Hillary Clinton 4 a long time ago. 

Turnout:Iowa Democratic caucus turnout surpassed 2016 but fell small of 2008

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