We Finally Know Why Justin Bieber Was Towed During That ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Footage filmed by a bystander last month showed Corden and Bieber recording the section inside an SUV that was being towed on a trailer. The video went viral, with many persons mocking the clear staging of the comedy little bit.

Corden later unveiled he usually drives the automobile himself “unless we’re doing a little something in which we assume it may possibly not be protected, like a dance regimen.”

And a regime for Bieber’s hit “Yummy” is exactly what prompted Corden to get his hands off the wheel all through the most current episode, presumably as they were being getting towed.

In other places in the little bit, Bieber spelled out difficult Tom Cruise to a struggle, arm-wrestled with Corden and sang the “Smelly Cat” music from “Friends.” 

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