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This article will help you figure out which Instant Pot is best for your needs with easy comparison charts.

There are many types of Instant Pots and pressure cookers, so I’ll be sure to cover all the pros, cons, and uses for most Instant Pots to help you make your choice easier.

I’ll even show you the accessories every Instant Pot owner needs in their kitchen!

Which Instant Pot Is Best for Me

Which Instant Pot is Best for Me?

Multi-function pressure cookers are all the rage and Instant Pot are known to be a reliable pressure cooker. You have likely seen many electric pressure cooker recipes on this site and might be ready to finally get one for your kitchen.

It is my favourite kitchen appliance by far. I used to love my slow cooker, but now the pressure cooker has taken over as my favourite small kitchen appliance.

I love using my pressure cooker to quickly cook roasts, soups, stew, broth, desserts, and so much more. I don’t cook everything in my Instant Pot, but there are so many excellent uses for it I have found that they are a worthwhile investment and I use it 1-2 times a week.

What Size Pressure Cooker is Best for Me?

which size instant pot is best for me

Photo credit: Instant Pot

Your first and biggest consideration when choosing your appliance is going to be the size.

The different functions are nice, but you want to make sure you can cook enough food for your whole family, and you don’t want to be forced to make more food than you need.

Mini 3 Quart Pot

The Instant Pot comes in the sizes: mini, 6 quarts, and 8 quarts.

The mini is perfect if you need to cook for 1-2 people.

The mini is only 3 quarts, so you likely won’t be able to cook for a family with kids. It is, however, the perfect size for a college kid or couple who doesn’t have a lot of counter space or even a kitchen.  

6 Quart Pot

The 6 quart is perfect for feeding 3-6 people. This is the size I use and have been able to make a wide variety of meals for my whole family. It is a decent size am will likely fit in on your counter or in a cabinet.

This size is perfect for feeding a small to medium-sized family. However, if you have a family of six that includes 4 hungry adolescents or teenagers, 6 quarts might be too small for you. 

8 Quart Pot

Which Instant Pot Is Best For Me

Do not underestimate the size of this Instant Pot. It is massive and bulky.

This Instant Pot is perfect for feeding a large crowd or family. You will definitely be able to cook for an entire horde of hungry teenagers with this. I have even been able to fit a medium-sized whole turkey in an 8 quart before. 

The 8 quart has a lot of pros, but it has some major drawbacks as well.

It will take up a lot of counter space, it may not fit in a cabinet, and since most recipe you find is designed for the 6 quarts Instant Pot you will likely need to double most recipes to ensure this Instant Pot has enough liquid to come to pressure without compromising the recipe.

So basically unless you are regularly feeding 8 people, I probably wouldn’t recommend you get an 8 quart Instant Pot.

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Which Model is Best for Me?

The Instant Pot model you pick will depend on your budget and how tech-savvy you are.

When looking for a model ask yourself are you wanting something as easy as pushing a button on a microwave, or do you want to connect it to Wi-Fi and control it from your phone?

How you answer this question will put you in one of the two categories listed below. However, if you want to view a side by side spec comparison of all the model you can find this chart here.

Which Instant Pot Is Best For Me

Which Instant Pot Is Best For Me

Photo credit: Instant Pot

As Easy As A Microwave?

Which Instant Pot Is Best For Me

Most of the models fall into this category. You simply plug the pressure cooker in and press a few buttons to make it work. This category includes Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, Viva, and Ultra.

The main difference between these models in the preprogrammed functions.

Over the years, functions like yoghurt, egg, cake, poultry, beans/chili have been added.

These functions are nice but are not necessary to make most meals. I often cook most meals using the manual/pressure cook function or the steam function. Rarely do I use the other ones.

The only function that can not be duplicated on the manual/pressure cook setting is the yoghurt function.

This button will allow you to run your Instant Pot for long periods of time on a very low temperature and is not found on the LUX models.

Without this function, yoghurt is very difficult to make in a pressure cooker. So if you want to make your own yoghurt but want just a basic model I’d suggest the Duo models or above. 

Everything Should Connect to Wi-Fi?

Which Instant Pot Is Best For Me

This category consists of the Smart Wi-Fi and Max models.

This two high-tech models are only available in the 6-quart size and have unlimited cooking programs. The Smart Wi-Fi model will connect to your phone and can be run through the Instant Pot app where ever you are.

In the app, you can access hundreds of recipes, press a button in the app and it will program your  Instant Pot to cook that specific recipe at the time you want it to start, release the pressure for you, and keep the food warm.

You can also program your own recipes into the app.

This is a really nice model if you are frequently running around in an out of the house since you do not need to be home to manually release the pressure. It is also great if you need a family member to get dinner started before you get home.

The Max model is not quite as fancy as the Smart Wi-Fi Instant Pot but it does trade out the buttons in other models for a touch screen. Max has two functions that are unique to these models.

With the Max, you can use the canning function to can anything of any acidic levels. It also features a Sous Vide function that can be used to cook steak at other foods. You will be trading in the steam function in place of the canning and sous vide.

Which Instant Pot is Best for Me?

Overall choosing between the models doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. When choosing to keep in mind the type of foods you want to cook in it, your lifestyle, household size, and budget. 

There are distinct differences between the multi-function pressure cooker models and sizes when it comes to these questions. These are important questions to ask yourself even if you are looking to buy a different brand of an electric pressure cooker. 

Which Is The Most Common Instant Pot?

The most common pressure cooker model you will see in recipes is the 6 Quart Duo, so when in doubt you can’t do wrong with this Instant Pot.

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It’s my little vent for the steam. Yes .. this little baby will vent your steam to go horizontal, not vertical. Why is this useful? Because if your pressure cooker, like mine, sits on my kitchen countertop while I am cooking the vegetables on the stovetop, I can vent the steam release valve across into my kitchen extractor hood! 


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Which Instant Pot Is Best for Me

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