Tom Brady Just Pulled Off One Of The Weirdest Double Feats In Golf History

NFL icon Tom Brady pulled off an unusual twofer through a televised golf party on Sunday, nailing two holes with 1 shot. 

The longtime quarterback of the New England Patriots, who joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in the offseason pulled off an extraordinary ― and, supplied his enjoy to that stage, very not likely ― shot to sink the ball for a birdie.

Then, either on his shot or on his way to retrieve the ball, he ripped a gap in the rear of his trousers for the duration of the coronavirus charity celebration, which paired him with golfer Phil Mickelson against the team of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning

Here’s the shot from “The Match: Champions for Charity”:

…and here he is demonstrating off his new air conditioning: 

After the event, Brady cracked:

Brady had been struggling until then. NBA wonderful Charles Barkley, supplying color commentary, at a person place supplied $50,000 to charity if Brady could just hit the eco-friendly. 

When Brady did not come close, Barkley razzed: “I should’ve just reported if you can just continue to keep it on the earth.” 

As Brady struggled, Barkley kept up the jeers.

“You can be wonderful in a person sport and not wonderful in a further activity,” he stated. “I just want America to know that.” 

But Brady proved him mistaken a very little later when he pulled off his uncommon double feat.

“Take a suck of that, Chuck,” Brady cracked soon after sinking the shot. 

Woods and Manning eventually gained the function, which elevated $20 million for COVID-19 aid efforts.

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