Cook ONCE serve 4 times

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Cook once, serve 4 times! These 4 Low-carb ground beef meal prep recipes will save you precious TIME and MONEY! Low-carb ground beef recipes are GENIUS!

Ground beef (minced beef) is the unsung hero of low-carb and keto recipes. Ground beef is nutritious, it’s cheap, it’s quick to cook, it freezes well, it’s versatile and you can buy in bulk and cook in bulk to help with easy low-carb meal prep.

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Four Tasty Low-Carb Ground Beef Meal Prep Recipes To Try This Week

These easy low-carb ground beef meal prep recipes were designed to be quick, cost-efficient meals that can be made in under 20 minutes.

It’s often difficult to resist the temptation to reach for something easy and convenient that is full of carbs and sugars. It’s especially difficult to stick with healthy meals if you are limited to the time you have to spend in the kitchen, and how much you can spend on ingredients.

So to make your journey with healthy eating a little easier I’m sharing with you four easy to make ground beef comfort food recipes:

  1. Taco salad
  2. Sloppy joes
  3. Lasagna with keto pasta
  4. Cheeseburger pizza

The ingredients used are pantry staples and further down you’ll get my best tips for substitute ingredients just in case you don’t have or can’t find an ingredient at the store.

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