Happy Birthday, Tom Hanks! See E!’s Lilliana Vazquez Pay Tribute to “America’s Dad”

Honoring America’s dad.

As E! viewers certainly know, these days, Jul. 9, marks Tom Hanks‘ 64th birthday. Hence, in purchase to pay back tribute to the beloved actor, E!’s have Lilliana Vazquez seemed again at the Oscar winner’s existence for a new Pop on Peacock video clip.

“That is right, Tom! It can be time to get down and bash because it really is your 64th birthday,” Lilliana expressed in the footage above. “We have figured out so significantly from you and your people above the yrs.”

By roles like Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Working day in the Neighborhood and Woody in the Toy Story franchise, Lilliana noted that Tom has supplied us lots of “profound moments.”

We suggest, many thanks to Forrest Gump, we know now that “everyday living is like a box of chocolates.”

“You taught us the which means of perseverance,” she continued. “And how to embrace our inner child.”

And, as Lilliana put it, he’s the only actor to “basically declare the title of America’s father.”

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