Trump Video ‘Had To Fall’ After Linkin Park Song Copyright Complaints

A Donald Trump video plug bit the dust Saturday following a copyright grievance that it ripped off a edition of the Linkin Park tune “In The Finish.”

The band’s late frontman, Chester Bennington, normally attacked the president, declaring in 2017 that “Trump is a increased risk to the United states of america than terrorism.”

The video clip Trump retweeted previously highlighted a include of “In The End” that begins quietly and ominously, evidently implying the Democrats are about to ring in the apocalypse. Then the song revs up with photos of the armed forces, cops busting into doorways, MAGA supporters and the president at the Lincoln Memorial. It was seemingly manufactured by Trump supporters and posted on Twitter, The New York Post described.

“Time is a precious thing. View it fly by as the pendulum swings. Look at it depend down to the conclusion of the working day,” alert the lyrics of “In the Finish.” “The clock ticks lifestyle away.”

You can nonetheless see what was at first posted right here:

Now retweets of the video read: “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

The “In the End” cover featured in the video was created by Fleurie and Jung Youth, who apparently challenged the video over copyright infringement.

Youth blasted Trump’s use of the song for his “propaganda video” in a tweet Saturday.

He added: “Everyone who knows me know I stand firmly against bigotry and racism.” He thanked everyone in the Twitter community who “helped get the video taken down.”

The video was also retweeted by Trump’s new campaign manager Bill Stepien, and Jung Youth was alerted:

Linkin Park and Fleurie and Jung Youth fans blew up when they realized the song had been hijacked to serve Trump.

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