This Man Slept With Nearly 10,000 People. Here’s What Having All That Sex Taught Him.

To say that Mark S. King has been active in the course of the 59 a long time he’s been on this earth would be an understatement.

Not only has he spent substantially of his daily life doing work as an award-winning HIV/AIDS activist and journalist (his most latest accolade is a 2020 GLAAD award for his internet site, My Incredible Disorder), but he’s also slept with near to 10,000 males.

I have no disgrace about that,” he informed me during an job interview for “D Is for Want,” HuffPost’s appreciate and intercourse podcast. “I’ve type of come to conditions with all that I am and all that I’ve accomplished. There’s a great Phyllis Diller quote when she will come out and claims, ‘There’s no justification for on the lookout like this. There are factors.’ There’s no justification for possessing experienced sexual intercourse with that quite a few folks, but there are motives.”

For this episode of “D Is for Want,” Mark and I explored those people motives, as very well as his journey from sexual neophyte coming of age in the South for the duration of the 1960s to connoisseur of all that New Orleans’ bathhouses experienced to provide in the ’70s to, last but not least, his recent lifetime as a satisfied spouse in a monogamous connection. We also chatted about how contracting HIV in the ’80s and observing his neighborhood be ravaged by the condition affected his sex daily life ― but it’s possible not in the way you could possibly count on:

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