Harry Shearer appears critical of ‘Simpsons’ decision to stop White actors voicing non-White characters

Azaria’s remarks came after comedian Hari Kondabolu’s 2017 documentary “The Dilemma with Apu” debuted and portrayed the Nahasapeemapetilon character as a detrimental, stereotypical representation of South Asians.

Nahasapeemapetilon, an Indian-American with a thick accent, operates the Kwik-E-Mart usefulness store in the fictional town of Springfield.

Months following the documentary was released, Azaria — who is not South Asian — claimed during an overall look on “The Late Display with Stephen Colbert” that he was keen to stage apart from the position.

“The plan that anyone, younger or old, past or existing was bullied or teased based mostly on the character of Apu, it just truly makes me sad,” stated Azaria, who voices numerous people on the show, together with Moe Szyslak and Main Wiggum. “It was undoubtedly not my intention. I wished to distribute laughter and pleasure with this character and the concept that it’s introduced pain and suffering in any way, that it was utilized to marginalize people, it really is upsetting.”

The discussion has taken on a contemporary nuance provided the current racial reckoning in the US.

Like Azaria, Shearer also performs quite a few figures on “The Simpsons” which includes African American doctor Julius Hibbert.

He mentioned all through his physical appearance on Moments Radio that he attributed element of the show’s achievements to the simple fact that it has a lot more than 50 continuing people — which lets for a large assortment of storytelling.

In terms of actors actively playing figures that are not their race, he reported “That is the gig. Which is the career description.”

“I consider you can find a conflation involving representation which is crucial –people from all backgrounds must be represented in the creating and generating ends of the small business so they assistance choose what tales to convey to and with what know-how — and effectiveness,” Shearer stated. “The career is taking part in an individual I am not.”

When asked if he believed the show’s conclusion was a error, he mentioned he wasn’t “opining publicly on that subject” and joked “We do not get paid out by the voice.”

Shearer appeared on Times Radio to advertise his new satirical album, “The Many Moods Of Donald Trump,” which is slated for launch afterwards this calendar year.

A spokesman for “The Simpsons” advised CNN the display experienced no comment.

CNN has also reached out to Shearer and mother or father organization, Disney, for comment.

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