A new horror film directed and penned by Rob Savage was filmed generally over Zoom throughout the pandemic lockdown. “The Host” is now airing on Shudder. (Aug. 4)

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If the coronavirus pandemic was your only worry all through quarantine, “Host” might make you reconsider.

Offered on the streaming service Shudder, the horror movie, directed remotely by Rob Savage and shot in actors’ properties, follows a group of close friends who determine to hold a séance on Zoom during coronavirus lockdown and finish up conjuring an evil spirit. “Host” currently offers a fantastic 100% freshness score on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

But how frightening can a movie that can take area on Zoom actually be?

Though its premise may perhaps audio wacky, most critics agree: “Host” serves critical frights.

United states of america Today’s Brian Truitt praised the film for its revolutionary get on the found-footage format.

“Lean and necessarily mean at under an hour, the motion picture deftly tweaks the found-footage method and nicely performs on our already frayed nerves,” he wrote.

In accordance to the New York Periods‘ Kyle Turner, the film’s premise about a demon unleashed via Zoom contact “appears to be to speak to a collective id” and serves as “an analogy for mourning the modern previous.”

“‘Host’ observes uncannily the supernatural, ephemeral, and material worlds colliding together, gesturing towards an unsure upcoming,” he wrote. “This concise, entertaining spin on the ghost story proposes that perhaps the contemporary earth is a haunted house now.”

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As a result of the Trees‘ Katherine McLaughlin agreed that the movie proficiently performs on people’s pandemic anxieties.

” ‘Host’ captures the mood of lockdown and the existing moment in time where by all people is hoping to place on a brave encounter, but as factors get progressively even worse it results in being tricky to maintain it all collectively,” she wrote.

While he called the film’s premise “absurd,” The Guardian‘s Benjamin Lee pointed out that the characters in “Host” react and behave in believable strategies.

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“In the globe of the film, the virus does exist but, believably at this phase, it’s hardly ever commented on – a mask in this article, a joke about coughing there – and although there may be a few also lots of ‘lemme go examine that noise’ moments, the interplay among the actors feels serious, as if we were truly observing a team of close friends struggling with supernatural potential risks,” he wrote. “It’s this concerted exertion to genuinely offer what’s occurring that permits us to forgive a number of of the sillier times.”

Substream Magazine‘s Murjani Rawls praised the movie’s ability to establish stress, calling “Host” an “productive, limited, and spooky affair.”

“As with the pandemic, quite a few of us may possibly really feel by yourself and melancholy,” he wrote. “The dim corner in the hallway is even more intensified due to the fact you have been by your self for so extended. This motion picture could have effortlessly just concentrated on that part. Rather, it acknowledges this and spots that plan in the wheelhouse of horror. There is anything that you simply cannot make clear attacking your buddies and for the most part, you simply cannot get to them.”

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