Many People Think Period Sex Is Disgusting. These People Crave It.

David’s life was turned upside down when he was just 15 years old.

He was hanging out at his household right after faculty with a girl he knew from math class when one particular matter led to another and, in advance of he understood it, he was performing oral intercourse on her.

I didn’t know she was on [her period], and then all of a sudden, I have obtained blood in my mouth,” David instructed me all through an interview for “D Is For Want,” HuffPost’s like and sexual intercourse podcast. “I had no concept that there was any kind of fetish about it but I identified that I appreciated it. I considered it was alternatively thrilling, especially mainly because as a male, specifically at that age, periods are anything that are actually considered taboo or something that boys really don’t seriously chat about.”

That experience opened a new world for David, and now period of time intercourse is an essential part of his life ― a single that he claims he could not reside without having. 

“[If you took away period sex,] you may possibly just want to take my dominant arm,” he informed me, adding, “it would be devastating to me.”

David isn’t by itself. Numerous persons take pleasure in interval sexual intercourse ― and, certainly, some even crave it. But for the reason that cultures all around the globe have put in 1000’s of yrs positioning menstruation ― and all those who practical experience it ― as unclean, disgusting and even unsafe, we nevertheless hardly ever have open, honest and nonjudgmental discussions about it, much considerably less getting sex throughout it.

For this episode of “D Is For Need,” I spoke with David about his appreciate of period intercourse and how it made and strengthened considering that that to start with encounter in large college. I also chatted with Lucky, a submissive in a BDSM connection who instructed me how interval sexual intercourse with her proprietor has modified the way she views her interval and how she employs it to enrich her profession as a electronic intercourse worker. Finally, menstrual historian Elissa Stein, the creator of “Flow,” talked about why periods ― and period intercourse ― are nonetheless so frightening to so quite a few folks, and what it’ll just take to transform that:

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