Trump Adviser’s Bid To Insult Kamala Harris As ‘Marge Simpson’ Goes Totally Awry

Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis threw a petty insult at Kamala Harris as the senator and former Vice President Joe Biden made a debut joint visual appeal of their historic Democratic presidential ticket. It did not go down nicely for the attacking party.

“Kamala appears like Marge Simpson,” Ellis tweeted. 

Twitter commentators and “Simpsons” admirers had been fast to be aware that the fierce matriarch was the character who obtained points carried out on the clearly show. A responsible, proficient and moralistic fixture of the relatives, Marge Simpson was the one particular who was constantly there to clean up the mess (normally remaining by lazy men) and act as a grounding voice amid chaos.

Marge Simpson was trending as President Donald Trump’s critics, cartoon lovers and even the formal “Simpsons” Twitter account put Ellis’s jibe on blast.

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