John Oliver Exposes The Trump-Sized Hole In The ‘Bats**t Theories’ Of QAnon

“If you are fortunate adequate not to know about what QAnon is and are pondering ‘let me Google that,’ please do not,” the “Last 7 days Tonight” host warned on Sunday, then made available his individual summary: 

“The conspiracy includes a array of batshit theories, but very mainly several QAnon supporters imagine in a world-wide conspiracy involving a ring of Satan-worshipping, youngster-molesting criminals led by popular Democrats, that consists of anyone from Hillary Clinton to Tom Hanks to a Mexican cement organization. They also imagine information about it is staying leaked by using cryptic posts on the world-wide-web by another person with incredibly significant ‘Q-level’ protection clearance, which sounds just as made-up as it unquestionably is.”

But Oliver explained there’s a major flaw in that concept. 

“The most important person who’s operating to root out the satanist pedophiles is Donald Trump, which is a little bizarre mainly because… you know,” he explained, gesturing to a photograph of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the baby sexual predator who killed himself in jail final yr: 

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