Sugar-Free September 2020 — FREE 30-DAY CHALLENGE

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Want to give up sugar fast? It just got easier.

Can you live without sugar for 30 days? – Sugar-Free September 2020 is about to begin. 

Best of all … it’s FREE!!!!

Your 30-day challenge may be hard, it will be fun and certainly life-changing.

This is the 5th year we have run Sugar-Free September – and it’s going to be the BEST EVER!

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What Is Sugar-Free September 2020?

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Sugar-Free September 2020 is a 30-day challenge where you STOP or REDUCE sugar for 30 days.

The good news … YOU set YOUR challenge YOUR way.

Why join the 30-day challenge?

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Right now, there has never been a more important time to look after ourselves and protect our health.

With most of us being stuck at home over the last few months … it’s time to get serious. This is YOUR time to get back on track.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have been stuck at home eating all the wrong things – and don’t know how to break the cycle
  • You’re eating every 2 hours – but get cranky each time you try to give up chocolate
  • You have caught the Covid15 pounds – but just can’t seem to get back on track
  • You know you’re hooked on sugar, candy and ice cream – but just can’t see a way out
  • Sugary food and drink is your emotional coping mechanism – and don’t know what to do
  • Your appetite is insatiable – and don’t know how to control it

Then the 30-day Sugar-Free September 2020 challenge is for you.

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Get your friends and workmates involved too.

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In the 30-day Sugar-Free September 2020 challenge you will:

  • Be accountable – you know what to do, you’re just not doing it right now
  • Set your own goals – because to be successful, you have to do this YOUR way
  • Get emails every few days teaching you what to do AND how to do it
  • Get support from our Facebook group
  • Learn how to make better snack choices
  • Learn how to make better dessert choices
  • Learn how to make better alcohol choices
  • Get FREEBIES in your Sugar-Free September emails
  • Get a list of rules – what to avoid and what to enjoy
  • Get new recipe and meal ideas
  • 50 low-carb and keto snack ideas

You don’t have to be 100% perfect, you just have to get started.

Are you ready?

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Why give up sugar?

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Sugar is addictive. Sugar is everywhere. But give yourself 30 days … and I’ll show you how to finally give sugar the kick. For LIFE!

Sugar affects your health, your weight, your concentration, your skin, your mood, inflammation, IMMUNITY and most importantly, your ability to fight infection and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, type two diabetes, obesity, PCOS, certain cancers, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Phew … that’s quite the list.

What do you get?

FREE 30-day sugar-free challenge! free ebook pages

You will receive everything below … Best of all … it’s FREE!!!!

  • FREE eBook with shopping lists
  • Snack ideas
  • Weekly tips
  • Weekly tricks
  • Closed Facebook group
  • Emails each week to give you the support and guidance you so desperately need.

Then Sugar-Free September 2020 is perfect for you.

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Sugar-Free September 2020 – the rules

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Giving up sugar can be tough, I get that.

If this all seems too hard, slowly cut back one thing at a time.

This is YOUR challenge and you need to do it YOUR way.

If the sugary foods make up the majority of your diet, then it’s time to really knuckle down and get serious about how often you eat or drink sugar.


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all sugars – table sugar, honey, coconut sugar, agave, maple syrup and dried fruit. Beware of recipes that say “refined sugar-free” because it’s just their way of hiding “we used another sugar”.
– biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate, ice cream
– granola/cereals – they’re more like desserts these days than a hearty breakfast (don’t worry, I’ll teach you what to eat instead)
– juices, smoothies and fruit yoghurts
– high-sugar fruit/tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango, bananas


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+ real food
+ amazing meals
+ healthy snacks
+ low-sugar fruit
+ coffee, tea, sparkling water
+ cheese, nuts, steak, avocados
+ alcohol (in moderation)
+ dark chocolate (in moderation)
+ sugar-free baking treats made at home (in moderation)

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Join Sugar-Free challenge

You will learn how to –

  • give up sugar
  • reset your taste buds and sweet tooth
  • learn how to STOP your sweet cravings
  • learn how to cook healthier treats
  • gain more energy
  • improve your skin, mood and concentration
  • lower your carbs (optional)

You will feel incredible at the end of the 30-day challenge, and you will begin your path to live sugar-free for life.


FREE 30-day sugar-free challenge! free ebook pages

Sign up today and you will receive:

  • your FREE eBook “Quick And Easy Guide”
  • 3 emails each week with tips, recipes, articles, news and videos to keep you motivated
  • access to my closed free Facebook group – to support you along the way
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Get your friends and workmates involved too.

This is our 5th Sugar-Free September and I know what works and who will most successful … those who do it with friends and have fun along the way.

So come and grab as many friends and workmates as you can so you can do this together.

Hang it in your workplace, and get all your colleagues involved too! It’s sooooo much easier when you’re in this together.

To download & print your posters CLICK HERE – available in colour or black/white.

Join Sugar-Free September 2019

Sugar-Free September 2020 – Don’t miss out – it’s starting soon!

The 30-day challenge will be hard, fun and life-changing.

Join Sugar-Free challenge
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