Pope Francis: Autistic Kids Are Beautiful, Unique Flowers To God

VATICAN Metropolis (AP) — Pope Francis instructed a group of kids with autism and spectrum issues Monday that they are attractive, unique flowers in the eyes of God.

Francis fulfilled with customers of an Austrian middle for autism, Sonnenschein (“Sunshine”), in an audience at the Vatican. He instructed them that the center’s title evoked a flower-loaded garden in the solar “and the flowers of this home are you!”

Speaking to the small children, their parents and caregivers from the centre, Francis said: “God established the earth with a excellent wide range of flowers of all distinct colours. Every single flower has its exceptional beauty. And each individual 1 of us is wonderful in the eyes of God, who loves us.”

Francis has a specific smooth location for children, making it possible for himself even amid coronavirus social distancing protocols to greet and pat them on the head throughout his community audiences.

He has usually satisfied with teams of youngsters and mothers and fathers who are experiencing issues in caring for them, hoping to inspire them by way of sickness, disability, poverty and other issues.

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