Copycat Keto Taco Bell, Refried “Beans” + VIDEO — Ditch The Carbs

Yes, you can eat Keto Taco Bell with a few tips and tricks including Libby’s secret keto tortillas!

With these copycat Taco Bell recipes, you can enjoy your favorite soft tacos with a warm keto tortilla for a net of 3.6g carbs. Looking for a low-carb option?

Check out my copycat low-carb Burrito Supreme that has only 8.9g net carbs.

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Copycat Keto Taco Bell

keto taco bell served on green holders

Today I’ve got two options for you that will help keep you out of that drive-thru line. If you have been craving your favorite soft tacos or burrito, you are going to love these keto and low-carb options that will help you keep your carb count down.

In this post you will discover:

  • How to make keto Taco Bell seasoned taco meat.
  • How to make a low-carb alternative to refried beans.
  • What you need to make supreme soft taco and burritos.
  • Best tips to further reduce carbs in your burrito supreme.
  • How to use your taco mean and refried “beans” to make other recipes

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Keto Taco Bell Seasoned Meat

keto taco meat frying in a skillet

The key ingredients to any Taco Bell menu item are their seasoned meat and beans. So in this article, I will show you how to make both so that you have the main ingredients to make many Taco Bell variations.

Well seasoned taco meat is just a variation of spices and ground meat. To make this taco meat a little saucy like Taco Bell’s beef taco meat, you will want to use an 80%-85% lean ground beef. This ensures that your meat produces enough juice that your meat doesn’t dry out.

You will need to use onion powder, garlic salt, chili powder, cumin, and paprika to season your meat. Be sure to break your meat into smaller pieces while you cook it.

When the meat is done cooking, scoop it into a bowl using a slotted spoon. The flavourful grease from the meat will be used to cook the refried “beans”

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Low-Carb Taco Bell Refried “Beans”

keto taco bell refried beans in a skillet

Making low-carb refried beans is easier than you may think. These refried “beans” are made out of peeled and chopped eggplant that is seasoned and cooked in the juice from the taco meat.

Once the eggplant has cooked, it is then pulsed in a food processor until it is bean texture and then refried again on the stove.

keto refried beans cooking in a black skillet

At this point, you are probably sceptical of these beans. I was as well, but they really are tasty.

I won’t claim that they taste like beans. Instead, they add the needed bean texture to your meals, without the carbs.

On their own, the beans taste like seasoned eggplant. However, mixed into a burrito they take the place of refried beans very well and no longer taste like eggplant.

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