‘Mentally Impaired Unicorns’: Stephen Colbert Loses It Over Undecided Voters

Stephen Colbert is shedding his persistence with voters who are still selecting amongst President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, in particular immediately after Tuesday night’s disastrous discussion

The “Late Show” host stated Trump interrupted Biden 70 occasions in the course of the discussion, in which he all over again refused to right denounce white supremacists. 

“The whole detail gave a new that means to the term ‘white noise,’” Colbert cracked. 

Colbert also noted scientific studies that located debates normally do not change viewpoint, still there were continue to two much more Trump-Biden contests scheduled. 

“You know what they say, the definition of madness is accomplishing the very same detail over and over once again and anticipating Donald Trump to shut up,” he reported. 

But Colbert was left utterly bewildered by what he termed “mentally impaired unicorns,” a.k.a. undecided voters. He showed clips of a panel of these types of voters who watched the debate. At a single issue, the panelists were requested to explain Trump’s efficiency in a solitary term.

1 explained “crackhead.” 

“Crackhead? How dare you malign the fantastic identify of crackheads!” Colbert shot again in mock outrage. “Unlike Donald Trump, crackheads have a apparent coverage: Give me some crack.” 

Still some of the panelists remained undecided, even following seeing the debate ― and that experienced Colbert pondering just what it would just take to sway them:

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