Controversial talk show host gives wackiest ‘Masked Singer’ performance yet [Video]

With the Earth Series now about, the earlier preempted grand championship of all cosplaying truth shows, The Masked Singer, resumed Wednesday on Fox — debuting 5 new Group C people, just in time to give viewers some Halloween costume inspo for the weekend. All through this round, we met the Broccoli (not as humorous as Dahlia Sin’s “fierce broc-ally” from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but nevertheless neat), the vaguely named Squiggly Monster (which signifies that in this fourth period, producers are promptly jogging out of costume thought by themselves), the Jellyfish, the Mushroom… and, last but not least, the Lips, which appeared like a going for walks Rolling Stones brand and turned out to be one of the most significant mouths in showbiz.

When the Juvéderm-puffed, bipedal pout’s time on The Masked Singer was temporary right before she received the kiss-off from the voting audience, her “internet-breaking” expose definitely acquired everyone conversing on Twitter — when these flaming Lips turned out to be Wendy Williams. “I just can’t sing, I just cannot dance, but I know how to have fun!” the controversial converse display host declared, and truer phrases were never spoken on The Masked Singer (or on The Wendy Williams Exhibit, for that matter).

Wendy sent what just may possibly be the technically worst vocal in this series’ historical past she almost produced Sarah “The Bear” Palin sound like Gladys “The Bee” Knight, which made it all the much more bizarre that choose Ken Jeong thought the Lips may well be host Nick Cannon’s ex, Mariah Carey. (Ken has a awful guessing monitor file, but that was a stretch even for him.) However, Wendy certainly experienced that divalicious Mariah angle and she was absolutely in her factor — regally reclining on a chat-demonstrate sofa as her lippy backup dancers did all the hefty-lifting operate about her, hilariously deadpanning her way by means of Odyssey’s neglected 1977 disco hit “Native New Yorker” in her iconic East Coastline drawl.

Wendy’s previous pal Nick, who has filled in as a host on her clearly show several moments, rapidly acknowledged that accent, and the two were being flirting and giggling onstage prior to the Lips’ identity was even revealed. It was a sweet reunion, but shortly, Nick and the Lips experienced to part (heh) — but not right before Wendy introduced up Mariah herself, grilling Nick. “Are you gonna get back again alongside one another with her ultimately? You belong collectively!” she barked, in her typical unfiltered way. To quotation the Smiths song that Wendy should really have done, major mouth strikes once again.

Wendy’s beginner antics, as amusing as they had been, were no competitiveness for the essentially amazing vocals of the other Group C secret celebs — notably stunning standout the Mushroom, who seems like a definitely entertaining person (heh, once again.) Let’s preserve the guessing recreation likely, with any luck , with a greater achievement level than Ken, and assess the surviving singers of Wednesday’s episode:

The Squiggly Monster, “Have You At any time Seen the Rain?”

Nick explained this ambiguous cuddly creature as “Beetlejuice on steroids,” but I was having Mummechantz-on-acid, Nightmare on Sesame Road vibes. My guess is John Fogerty was happier with this freaky but able CCR go over than he was with Donald Trump’s appropriation of “Fortunate Son.” Guy, 2020 is a bizarre 12 months.

The clues: “People normally roll their eyes” at him, but seemingly he’s also “easy on the eyes” (in his feeling). He’s a “patchwork of personas, a father determine and a scoundrel” — but he’s “no dumbo.” Visuals included chocolate chip cookies, video video games, salami, a monocle, and a stethoscope. 

Judges’ guesses: Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Al Franken, Dr. Anthony Fauci (that past guess was Ken’s, of course).

My guess: Anyone considered that past season’s Taco was America’s favorite father/scoundrel, Bob Saget. (It turned out to be a further America’s Funniest House Movies host, Tom Bergeron.) This time, I believe this Squiggly dude may genuinely be Bob, who has showcased his incredibly sturdy singing voice in the past. 

The Mushroom, “This Woman’s Work”

Just when you assumed The Masked Singer could not get any much more psychedelic, listed here arrives this psilocybic superstar to ‘shroom up the proceedings in Year 4. But in all probability the trippiest thing about this functionality was how unexpectedly stunning it was. All of the judges experienced assumed the Mushroom was a lady, but it turned out to be a guy with the falsetto of a Maxwellian angel. “Things just got authentic!” shouted Nick, soon after hearing this beautiful Kate Bush cover. Choose Nicole Scherzinger referred to as this the “most transcending performance” in Masked Singer heritage and raved, “I have just about every goosebump, in destinations I did not even know I could have goosebumps!” Robin Thicke mentioned, “There was a feeling at the rear of every single take note.”

The clues: This “scholar” started “underground” used to operate “in the rat race,” and “at initial the suits didn’t understand” him. But he ultimately got a shot in a talent contest and was capable to “turn a hobby into a career” and “be in the space wherever it took place.” Visible suggestion-offs provided a Periods Sq. scorching pet cart, a violin, and orange curtains.

Judges’ guesses: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Donald Glover, Usher, Frank Ocean.

My guesses: This is admittedly a stretch… but I’m going with my gut and going with D’Angelo. The Mushroom has that neo-soul vibe, and D’Angelo got his commence at Harlem’s Apollo Theater expertise contest, which he won a few months in a row. He’s also been misunderstood by numerous file label executives, which contributed to his very long sabbaticals from recording. I am not fully confident this is D’Angelo, but the Mushroom does do the Voodoo that he does so nicely.

The Jellyfish, “Big Girls Never Cry”

This seemingly youthful contestant was quivering like a bowl of jelly(fish) when she initially got onstage, but at the time she run by her shaky first verse, she demonstrated some surprising uncooked expertise. Robin observed her nerves, but praised her “beautiful vocal tone.” And she appeared stunning, with the most dazzling costume of the night and perhaps of this overall season. This was costume couture! (Random aspect notice: I was actually hoping that the Jellyfish would do a music by the precise band Jellyfish. Oh effectively. Probably subsequent 7 days.) 

The clues: She “once reigned supreme around an overall underwater kingdom” and had “legions of followers,” but she eventually felt like she lived in a “gilded cage” and yearned to crack absolutely free. We also saw handheld enthusiasts, a tiara, a flower crown, newborn powder, and bubbles.

Judges’ guesses: Gabby Douglas, Chloe Grace Moretz, Awkwafina, Sofia Richie. 

My guess: The flower crown and lightstick-like, competition-completely ready outfit has me imagining this may be the queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens.

The Broccoli, “House Is Rockin’”/“Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

This jolly green giant’s clues package deal (exclusively a TikTok dance problem) indicated that he is a younger contestant, but his husky voice and retro-rockabilly medley created it look like he’s a much more seasoned entertainer. I was acquiring déjà vu to Paul Shaffer’s kooky, goofy Skeleton from Year 2, but with much more robust vocals.

The clues: A contest set up his profession, and now he “works with biggest artists in the environment.” He has carried out on “many stages” and he “grew up with OGs.” He believes in keeping balanced, which is why he selected this leafy inexperienced, antioxidant-packed character. And along with his clean ingesting, he keeps his car — which has the mysterious license plate LD1ESMN — scrupulously spotless. He could also be a member of a mariachi trio.

Judges’ guesses: Bill Murray, Henry Winkler, Jerry Springer, Howie Mandel, Steve Guttenberg. (All of the judges would seem confident that the Broccoli is a comedian.)

My guesses: The “contest” point out has me contemplating Taylor Hicks, but the scratchy voice, onstage bluster, and automotive clues scream “David Hasselhoff.” Nevertheless, the Broccoli could be a comic like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, or Martin Small, if the mariachi band is a 3 Amigos reference. Heck, this may even be a further SNL veteran, Dana Carvey, who at the time sang famously sang “Choppin’ Broccoli.” I am stumped.

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