20 INCREDIBLE Healthy Christmas Recipes

Healthy Christmas recipes may sound like an oxymoron, but I promise you it’s possible to enjoy your holiday feast and still stay in line with your eating lifestyle with these 20 incredible recipes!

Even those in your family who don’t eat low carb will be amazed by just how fantastic these recipes are.

Long gone are the days where carbs were the dictator of whether a meal was delicious or not. These low-carb and keto Christmas recipes have all the flavour of their carbohydrate-laden counterparts, but none of the guilt or sluggishness!

To sweeten the deal for the holidays, so to speak, I am giving you FREE printable bag labels at the end of this post. Also, you may enjoy this sugar-free advent calendar activity in this post.

collage showing 20 INCREDIBLE Healthy Christmas Recipes

Healthy Christmas Recipes

At Christmas, there are typically so many parties, get-togethers, shared platters, nibbles, drinks and celebrations, that you need to be prepared with some healthy Christmas recipes.

Even if your holiday will be enjoyed entirely at home, these low-carb and keto Christmas recipes are my favourites to make each year!

For Christmas Day, plan ahead and take a look at my Easy Roast Turkey. This is how I cook my turkey every year and I have included my simple schedule to follow so you can relax and not worry.

Set the timer for each stage. Imagine tasty pork stuffing, turkey smothered in butter, wrapped in bacon,  then cooked in an aluminium foil parcel. Moist and tender every time.

For nibbles and shared platters, take a look at my Top 20 healthy Christmas recipes. 10 sweet and 10 savouries.

Sweet Treats and Nibbles

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