Stephen Colbert Reveals The Only Sad Part Of Donald Trump Losing His Legal Battles

Stephen Colbert on Thursday celebrated the possible conclusion of President Donald Trump’s lawful problems aimed at overturning the 2020 election.

But “The Late Show” host admitted it was “also form of unfortunate.”

Why? Properly, because Colbert reported he’d taken terrific delight in the final two weeks in watching Trump (who boasted on the 2016 marketing campaign trail that the United States would “get so substantially, you are going to be sick and worn out of winning”) suffer a series of defeats.

“This is the most entertaining I’ve experienced in yrs,” claimed Colbert.

“For 10 times, we have been ready to check out the president reduce more than and around all over again — reduce the election, reduce the recount, eliminate the lawsuits,” he extra.

Check out out Colbert’s full monologue in this article:

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