How to Make a Healthy Low-Carb Lunch Box + VIDEO

How to make a healthy low-carb lunch box that is sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, wheat-free, no junk food, and super yummy that kids will love – in 5 easy steps!

Watch the video below – it will blow your mind how easy and healthy a low-carb lunch box is.

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How To Start Making Healthy Low-Carb Lunch Boxes

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We all want better and healthier lunch boxes for our kids right? But did you know just how bad a regular lunch box is?

We need to stop feeding our kid’s sooooo much sugar and ultra-processed carbs in their daily school lunch boxes and #banishthebeige 

We need to feed them real whole food that is fresh, colourful, vibrant and lower in carbs, and packed with nutrition.

So how do you do that when you’re probably a busy family?

Below you will find 5 easy steps to begin making healthy low-carb lunch boxes.

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Use Baby Steps To Make A Healthy Lunch Box

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All children will benefit from reducing their sugar and stopping the ultra-processed carbs. These junk food lunch box fillers don’t do anything for their energy levels, nothing for their nutrition and nothing for their concentration.

You can begin changing your kid’s lunch boxes by making 5 baby steps below!

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Low-Carb Lunch Boxes – learn the tricks

JOIN ME – in my Low-Carb Lunch Box Hacks group, where I post pictures of what I pack each day for my family of 5. I can show you all the practical tips you need to get started.

And don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to get any cookie cutters out, to write any inspirational messages for your kid’s lunch box each day or make crazy faces out of salad and fruit. No way. Life has to be quick, easy and nutritious in the morning. Otherwise, you simply won’t do it. Click here to join.

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How To Make A Low-Carb Lunch Box – in 5 easy steps

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  1. STOP Sugary Drinks – this immediately cuts out a massive source of sugar for most children. So no more sugary fizzy drinks, no more juice, no more flavoured milk and definitely no more energy drinks or sports drinks. All they do is give your children a sugar rush then a sugar low and you have to deal with the crash and temper tantrums afterwards.
  2. STOP high-carb snacks – potato crisps, pretzels, crackers, bread, are all high in easily digestible carbohydrates. These digestible carbohydrates turn into sugar in our body. So even if you buy bread or pretzels that are low in sugar, they are still going to cause a spike in sugar levels. 
  3. STOP “healthy halo” snacks – these are snacks such as low-fat fruit yoghurt, wholegrain granola/muesli bars, organic real fruit candy, and fat-free smoothies. They are given the “health halo” by the advertising industry but if you actually look at the nutrition labels, they are still high in sugars and grains (and you guessed it, that raise blood sugars).
  4. START new snacks – begin by introducing a new snack in place of an old junk snack you have stopped buying. (see my easy recipes at the end of this post). Grain-free granola bars are a quick and easy option.
  5. START cooking ONCE but serving TWICE – seriously, who has time for preparing lunches each day so I rely heavily on leftovers. Cook a double quantity and store the leftovers in little single serve pots, keep them in the fridge or freezer and bam … pull them out in the morning, heck, teach your kids to do it! (see my easy recipes at the end of this post)

Get your FREE eBook – HOW TO REDUCE SUGAR FROM YOUR CHILD’S DIET … PLUS 50 Easy Healthy Kid’s Snack Ideas

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Why no more juice? A glass of orange juice isn’t the same as the goodness from 6 oranges, it’s the same as the sugar from 6 oranges. Remember eating the whole fruit with its fibre is self-limiting. 

Why no more dried fruit? Dried fruit, fruit leather,  is just a dried sugar bomb! Yes, that’s right, a handful of grapes is also self-limiting, but just 1 tiny box of raisins is the equivalent of the sugar in a can of coke!!!

Plus dried fruit is really sticky and chewy, dentists are finding more children with tooth decay caused by chewing on dried fruit because their parents think it is a healthy option.

Why no more sports drinks? No child benefits from slugging back sugar, colours, and chemicals after a game. These “sports drinks” (I use that term loosely) are laden with far too much sugar even for the top endurance athlete, let alone our kids on the soccer field on a Saturday morning.

Sports drinks can have more sugar than a can of coke plus the ludicrous colours they come in. Instead, save your money and give them just a bottle of tap water, a piece of fruit and a handful of salty nuts. This will serve your kid with far more nutritional kindness than an energy drink (even the name is an oxymoron).

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